The back yard garden of the C’est La Vie in Eugene, OR where our ceremony will be held.

As you all know we moved to Portland this time last year but we are having our wedding in Eugene!! We will be staying at the C’est La Vie Bed and Breakfast,  1006 Taylor Street  Eugene, OR 97402 (541) 302-3014. Our families are coming from the East Coast, California, Texas, Portland and Oakridge so we needed a place where most of us could stay yet small enough that we could feel like it’s a family event. Our Ceremony will be held in the back yard garden of the C’est La Vie. It will be a small gathering of family and our extended family of friends.

Saturday we will be gathering all of the necessary decorations, seating, food and other related details for our celebration. Please see our Help Us Out page to sign up for our To Do List. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Saturday late afternoon/evening (time to be announced) we would like to have a rehearsal of all who are involved in the ceremony itself. If you are one of those people we will connect with you about arrangements.

Sunday 1:30 Ceremony

After the Ceremony we will relax with music (Two Doors Down will be playing a set), snack foods and good company followed by dancing. We hope you can relax and spend some time with us celebrating in the spirit of our commitment!

Monday morning Jacque and Marsha are going to drive down to California for a few days of sunshine and salt water!


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