Our Story . . .

From Jacque:   Marsha joined Soromundi Lesbian Choir of Eugene in 2003. Jacque joined the choir in 2005 when the choir was bursting with new growth and that year there were about 92 members at the start of the season. Jacque first saw Marsha as she was called upon in rehearsal to come up in front of everyone and sing a solo . . . K.D.Lang’s “Full Moon Full Of Love.” I saw her love and joy of singing pour out of her before everyone there that night! She was so brave to stand up and sing with no preparation and she embraced the chance with a bright spirit that I was drawn to right away. It seemed to radiate from her core. I am so grateful Lisa called upon her to sing that night because otherwise I may not have met her,  and certainly might not have been given the wonderful opportunity to witness her shimmering spirit! Over the past 6 years I have been given the opportunity to know and appreciate so many things about Marsha. I love her natural ability to grow, her astute interpersonal skills, her welcome embrace to people in our lives, her desire and ability to act in a loving and kind way in the world, the fact that her eyes are two different colors, her incredible ability to parent, her gracious and instantaneous nature to share with others, and yes, that bright radiating spirit. She has changed my life tremendously and given me the opportunity to be a part of her family. Ashely, age 15 1/2 and Ryan age 12 are each fully a part of my life as is Marsha. I love them both and look forward to helping them become the best people they can be as they unknowingly do the same for me. I feel honored to be marrying Marsha, to be welcomed into her family.

From Marsha:   Knowing Jacque has changed my life, of which I am grateful.  We met in choir, began to talk, and very quickly her generous nature revealed itself, as she offered to teach me guitar and loan me her extra guitar.  She barely knew me, yet she wanted to help me to achieve something important to me.  Over and over, this fundamental characteristic, core to who Jacque is, makes me love her more and more.  We began to talk and it was clear she was an independent woman, adventurous, fun, smart and beautiful.  We talked for hours, and I loved going to choir and catching her eye across the room, feeling the butterflies in my stomach.  The sweet beginning of our love had begun, and now I look forward to sharing our commitment with our families and our friends.   I value the person she has been, who she is now, and I look forward to loving and supporting her as she continues to grow.  Her talents and creativity abound, in her music, her woodworking, and her capacity to love.  I am thankful that she shares with me all of who she is, and that she embraces our life together.

P.S. Ryan took the photo of us on the preview.


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